Translation and Editing Services






Richard C. Rebeck (Espinoza), Ph.D., MSEE
Native of Quebec educated in French, Spanish, English US Citizen born of European parents.
Published Author, Translator, Proof Reader, Professor
President Arimar Inc.  Web Services, 2004 to 2015. English - Tutor.
Lived in South America teaching for over 20 years.

Material can be sent by email, US Mail, UPS, Fed Ex and can be returned in printed form or electronic in CD or Memory Stick.  Privacy and confidentiality of all material is guaranteed. There are two of us doing the work and both are native Spanish speakers and one is both a native  Spanish and native English speaker. 
Both are US Citizens and both are University Graduates. The principal translator is a retired university professor who has taught in the US and South America for more than 30 years and is an author of several books both in English and Spanish.
Material should be typed and legible, handwritten text costs more to translate.  Pricing is based on a time estimate and our prices are competitive in the market.  Payment is made by PayPal, wire transfer or western union. We do accept any credit cards via PayPal.