Many people have the idea that the more links they have the more success their page will have with search engines. That is true and false and usually false. you cant buy links because the sites that just sell links are tagged by Google and you actually lose by using them. if your link isn'
t from a well rated site and has no black marks on it and the link stay up for more than 90 days then you get credit if the link is relevant to your classification. Obviously if your selling cars a link from women's wear will not help.

    Now most good link sites aren't interested in giving you a link, why should they? What's in it for them? Reciprocal links do work but in order to establish that relationship you need to contact directly by phone if possible with the other site and then in writing and explain your desire and give them access to your link page. I usually post their link before contacting, I can always eliminate it if they are not interested or it may serve my clients. A link as I said has to be more or less permanent from a real site and better if it is not a sub site such as the free ones in internet where you get something like


Also please note that Google has taken a negative attitude to anyone who lists or loads 6 or more links in one day or 10 or more in a week. Numbers are approximate. Obviously links are earned not found at the local junk yard. Also a link has to be from a site that is well rated or it has no value.

2. Index
    When a site has more than one page it is best to create an index which is a list of your pages located in the root directory of your site (
sitemap.xml). The robot revising your site can see what pages there are to be reviewed. There are many sites on internet which will create indexes for free and you can read more about them in Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Metas
f your not familiar with Metas you better study up. The Metas include the title, description, keywords and many more important statements for the search engines and for the browser displaying the page such as text source and language. Good Metas alone can bring a page rating up and makes you findable. If you have no keywords then how can anyone find you? And if your title and description don't say what you do or what you sell then the visitor will probably pass on to another site. There are many arguments as to whether Metas are important or not, err in the favor of believing they are and you'll be safe.

4. Keywords versus Key phrases
    You will have to investigate using Google or another SE to find out which word or phrase is most searched for by visitors and please remember to check singular and plural words. I have found a ten to one difference in some words just by using the plural or not. It is better to create a separate Meta for key phrases and remember a comma separates keywords and phrases and cannot be used within the key phrase. For example "fire cleanup, Miami, Fl" is three separate words the key phrase in this case would be "Fire cleanup Miami Florida,"  When trying to serve one geographic area it may be wise to specify the name of the city and the state since many cities are duplicated in other states. The Search engine doesn't know where you are unless you tell it. There is a Meta for location as well.

    Google and some other SE's require that you insert a code or text into the index page of your website so the SE Robot can recognize the name. This is very important if you want Google to do a quick revision of your site otherwise you may wait 90 days for it to find you. Again The Google Webmaster Tools will tell you how to create and insert this code.

    Propagation is the publication of your site to the search engines. you can do it by hand which is difficult and can be costly. Yahoo charges over $290 to register a site however if it is registered with Google Yahoo will find and add it for free. There are several services which will send your site or register them with a group of SE's, You should do Google by your self and its well worth spending 15 to 50 dollars to have the site sent to a larger group. is one such site.

    Typographic errors and spelling errors along with grammatical errors can affect the Search Engines reaction as well as annoy the visitor who may decide if you can't spell or punctuate correctly they don't need to visit your site. We learned many years ago not to mix other languages on the same page. if you must make a reference in another language then place that statement in quotes or brackets to set it aside. We doubled our Page Ranking just by making the second language page a separate page altogether.

    Every graphic image you insert in a page has an alternate space for person passing without graphics such as handicapped persons or search engines. The space is call Alternate representations and the second line after is called Text: here you can add keywords or phrases to expand your keyword recognition without scamming. Scamming is writing keywords at the bottom of the page and sometimes in text the same color as the background. that's Black hat and will get you thrown out of ranking. But do use the Alt and be creative use any word you use in your texts or even a extra keyword. The best code for pages is still HTML 5 and it is best not to use Flash images on the first page. Text is more important and that is where the SE looks first. Now the next great error is to not give headers (METAS) to each page. they should not be duplicate of the index page each page has a different title and its characteristics are different so fill out the Metas while creating it and save time and money later.

9. PPC
    Pay per click services are really only necessary if you are in a highly competitive field such as real estate and payment for position in the first page would be practical under such circumstances. There are many fields were there are just too many sites and if all of them were done right who would be first?  Sometimes its necessary to pay to keep your site in front of the market.

    While there are no hard fast rules a good domain name does help you in your market, it should be a name related to what your doing or selling. Also using phrases is not a problem but when they are tied together they are hard to read. We have found that hyphenating words in a domain name has not reduced its ability to be number one. The shorter the name the better but most short names have been taken. it is better to take a name that has meaning than a senseless group of characters or numbers. The .com site is the classic commercial site in the US. The .net was originally used by networking people or servers. The .org was used for organizations most often non-profit.  Today we have a wide range of extensions including .info which may be valid in some cases and .us supposedly being a USA site. Sadly the control of issue of domain names world wide has not followed any rules. Visitors still prefer .com. The best domain name of course would be a keyword.

    A web page should never scroll horizontally unless showing a panoramic view and never on the front page. When coding the size or width of the page should be specified in percent rather than pixels in order to adjust automatically to different resolution and screen size.
    Now the height or length of a page is an open argument. I prefer not to have more than a page and a half in scrolling but I have seen many pages that are infinitely long. if you must do it for presentation reasons do not do it on the first page. That is your sacred area. People do get tired of scrolling and not everyone has a mouse with a wheel.

    The first page should give contact info and some idea to the visitor as to who you are. We prefer to use our name at the bottom of the page with our address and phone number as well as a link to a PHP code link for emailing may be used. Make sure you have the right keyword. Some may prefer to only list the city which is fine but Phone and E-mail are important and if there is no name of the company? Who are you?.

Good text, simple clean layout, avoid confusing imagery or flashing which serves no purpose. The text of the page must include the keywords but don't duplicate excessively to avoid spamming. The preceding steps wont guarantee you a first page but they will get you closer than any other system. Don't forget to have your coding revised by a program for same, again Google Webmaster Tools is an excellent guide. Don't forget a who are we page so you can tell people who you are and why they should come to you. Many clients have come to us and said they wanted their site top ranked for a certain keyword that is possible but what if that is the wrong keyword? Make sure you know how people will look for you or your services. Last but not least if you have a website make certain you use it on your door, your card, your advertising, in the phone book, everywhere people might see it. You can also create connections for and to with Facebook and Twitter and other such social and professional sites like

Last but not least, this blog is by no means all there is to SEO. The list goes on and on and its a great study if you have the time. What I have tried to do here is point out some of the basic steps needed in order to have a ranking. It works and don't ever use tricks or what is called Black Hat SEO. if you want your site blackballed that's the best way. Finally make sure the hosting for your site has a clean record and doesn't host a number of porno or sex sites which could damage you even with a perfectly designed page. Good marketing also says don't talk so much about yourself and what you have, tell people what benefits they get from working with you or from using your product or buying from you. Lastly tell the truth.

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